• Track Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations
  • Create Records to Avoid or Aid in Disputes
  • Manage and Share Child Activities, Notes
  • Identify Precise Locations via GPS
  • Track Expenses Outside of Obligations
  • Facilitate Record Management, Easy Access



  • User Interface Consistent with Brand
  • Access via Any Internet-Connected Device
  • Automatic Adjustment to User’s Screen
  • Instant Updates, No Downloads or Patches
  • Quick and Easy Consultation Requests
  • Unlimited Users, Free-Range Marketing

Our child custody web app is personally branded for you, positioning your firm ahead of local competition by acquiring users early in the divorce and separation process. Put your law firm at the fingertips of the single, separated, and divorcing parents living in your area. Enhance your website and social media by converting “one-time visitors” into daily users of your web app.


Coined as “The Most Reliable Source of Brand Marketing for Law Firms”, we are looking for small to medium-sized firms that have a primary interest in family law. Exclusivity available in certain markets.


Contact Olive Us today at (661) 805-2600 or by filling out the form below, and receive a professionally written press release* ($375 value), which has provided our clients with free media coverage when they launch.


*Offer only available if you are the first firm in your market area to launch.

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New York, New York

San Francisco, California

Cincinnati, Ohio


Little Rock, Arkansas

Boston, Massachusetts

Omaha, Nebraska

Newark, New Jersey

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Seattle, Washington

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Olive Us, LLC is a California Limited Liability Company and is the parent company and creator of (Genesis Child Custody Manager).